The Deep Dive

Following a transitional assignment, Gerry Teichrob received an email from one of the elders in that church suggesting that every church, in transition or not, should engage in a “deep dive” every 5-7 years, like the one Gerry had led them through in the assessment phase of transition.

Here is an interview with Gerry unpacking that idea more fully.

2 thoughts on “The Deep Dive”

  1. A good overview of assessment (“deep dive”) in the church during the transition period. I like the seven questions. Not sure about the discussion concerning the lead pastor’s role. Seems to me that role is all about helping to determine and set vision for the church, because vision is always tied to leadership in some way (I think). But how the lead pastor does that is important alright. Should probably count on taking a team approach.

    One other thing in this discussion has to do with generating the report and what that looks like. Who does it and how do members of the church contribute to it.

    Overall, a good interview. A nice review for those doing transitional pastoral ministry. Thanks. ED

  2. Can you comment on the correlation between church leadership that does regular 360 evaluation and those who do not to the impact on a this idea of doing a ” Deep Dive “.


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