Preaching in Transition

Here are the fruits of our October 2019 gathering, including slides and notes.

Further Notes:

Initial Sermons:
What should they accomplish?
Depends on specific church context; can be very different
Let board and congregation know there is hope
Exhibit some competence
Let the congregation get to know you
Explain where transition is going
Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders at start and end of transition
Encounters with Jesus: Make sure the congregation knows His heart

Preaching in the Heart of Transition:
Address the issues that have surfaced in assessment, the KRA’s
Should be more than maintenance
Addressing forgiveness, reconciliation
What commitment is all about
Emotionally Healthy Church content

End of Transition:
Saying thanks
Help them see what’s different now and how they have helped
Tie a bow on it
Let the church know they have the baton and can run with it; the new lead pastor is like the new coach
“The 9 Commandments”: Summarize the critical lessons learned in transition
“On the Care and Feeding of a New Pastor”

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