Handling Applicant Resumes

Here is a summary of the discussion at our November 2022 TPN gathering on the topic of handling/processing resume from pastoral applicants, led by Gerry Teichrob, with input from our District Superintendent, Mark Peters:

  • The old process where all resumes must go through the District office before anything happened at the local church level created a bottleneck
  • There is now a shared gatekeeping role between the District and our transitional workers
  • If someone is under serious consideration, has had a formal conversation with the search team, credentialing needs to be raised, before saying “no” to credentialing and applicant would create a crisis in a local church.
  • If there are inter-District applicants, check with our District regarding the nature of their license and whether the individual is in good-standing or not
  • A best practice is to float all Alliance applicants from another district by our District office
  • An idea: Record video calls by the Search Team with the applicant for viewing by the elders later if the person is shortlisted

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