Do you need some help in certain aspects of your transitional ministry?
Here are some people and organizations who can provide expertise for some of the challenges we face from time to time.
This is not a roster of transitional pastors. If you are looking for a transitional pastor, please use our Contact Form.
You may also want to go to the roster.

Gerry Teichrob, Steve Schneider
Gerry is a long term transitional pastor and coach. He also specializes in helping churches with Mission/Renewal.
Steve is a consultant who has served on multiple church  boards, often as chair.
Gerry and Steve are an excellent resource for governance issues and developing board chairs.

Focal Point Ministry Support Network

We network, at no cost, with small churches regardless of denominational affiliation and act as a sounding board to assist churches in whatever needs they may have.
We provide a broad range of support such as:

  • Pastoral leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Personnel Development
  • Charitable Law (CRA regulations)
  • Policy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Soul Care, Pastoral Care, and Church Health
  • Finances
  • Board Leadership Training
  • Strategic planning

Our team includes Dean Cooper, Brian Thom, Brian Derksen, and Peter Klenner.

Darrin Hotte, New Solution Mediation
Darrin has 30 years of training, leadership and conflict resolution experience. Formerly an ordained Minister, he is a Mediator in private practice focussing on separation/divorce, family business and faith based organizations. He co-founded and and is currently Director of Christian Mediation Canada

Dr. John Gray
Sage Strategic Solutions:
John provides consulting, coaching and counselling services, including professional counselling and support for church staff.

Brad Julihn
Brad is a transitional pastor with skills in the area of emotional health, community vs pseudo-community and critical incident debriefings.

Rob Inrig
Rob can provide coaching for the Birkman assessment.
He also has expertise in managing critical incidents.
He is available to talk with ministry leaders about difficult situations.
In addition to pastoring, Rob is a trained counsellor dealing with a myriad of concerns.

Dr. Ed Drewlo
Edwin’s focus in transition is on preaching core doctrines of the Christian faith and on leading an assessment of the church’s values and ministry practices. In leading through transition, Ed seeks to bring about relational, organizational, and vision renewal as needed. His book, Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times (Friesen Press, 2017) was designed to help church leaders/members understand the huge shift that has taken place in our culture in the last fifty years with a view to enabling it to be more effective for ministry in these times.

Leon Throness 
Leon has experience- and success!- in bringing musical sanity to multi-generational churches.
He is a long time ministry veteran and former senior pastor at Chilliwack Alliance Church.

Dr. Eric Kuelker
Eric is a seasoned therapist who has expertise regarding toxic work environments. An online course on recovering from toxic bosses will soon be available. He is also a good source for information on mental health issues in the church.

Best Christian Workplaces Institute
“Helping Christian workplaces set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world.”